Mental Health

Recieving care can be stressul at the best of times, but for those suffering from a mental health illness we must uphold the highest-quality in compassionate service at all times.

At iON Ambulance we are dedicated to delivering high standards of care to patients with a wide range of mental health illnesses. To achieve this we provide a year round, rapid-responsive, specialist team are experienced at handling vulnerable patients and working with Mental Health Practitioners.

Our team have experise in a safe and effective transfer of patients with paedeatric & adolescent mental health, autism & Asperger's, dementia, dementia, learning difficulties/disability or detained under the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act.

We meet all challenging behaviour safely and our staff are trained in breakaway techniques & control and restraint.

In partnership with Mental Health Practitioners we take the time to get to know each patients needs to ensure secure and compassionate care during transfer across the UK. Our we are experience in all kinds of patient transfer in from typeical outpatient appointments or between low, medium and high secure psychiatric settings.

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