Medical Repatriation

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Whether it is by land, sea or air; we offer a full medical repatriation service for patients looking to return to the UK. Our long history of experience providing repatriation services to private individuals, the NHS, travel agents and insurance companies allows us to take care of all logistical requirements to transfer patients with airside transfers available anywhere in the country. As such we can meet the needs of a wide variety of patients in both directions, return to the UK or returning to their home country.

Our tailored approach is supported by a 24-hour response, providing you with a seamless, door-to-door service. Our fully trained medical staff taking care of patients through recovery as they travel, with Paramedics on hand at all times. Modern, state of the art vehicles offer a comfortable and stable transfer between countries whether the patients is returning home or continuing care.

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